Together With God

Throughout history, women have joined together to accomplish a purpose with greater impact than individual women could alone.


Imagine the eternal difference that can be made when like-minded women unite around the mission of giving women and children the opportunity to respond to the gospel in their heart language! If this idea stirs your heart, we invite you to help give them Jesus.

“Fulfilling the Great Commission is the job of every follower of Jesus, and never before has the Christian community been more unified in this task. None of us is big enough to finish the task alone, but together, we can see the finish line.”

Erick Schenkel
Executive Director, Jesus Film Project

Who We Are


Welcome to the Women for JESUS website which was designed to be used by women who are on the go. We hope you’ll visit on a regular basis from your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Women for JESUS is a ministry of Jesus Film Project®. Our desire is to give hope to women and children by providing the gospel of Jesus Christ through film in their heart language. By connecting women with opportunities to invest in God’s kingdom through prayer and giving, together we are making a difference for eternity.

If you’re new to the site, you may want to know more about us, so you can click here to read a little history and also watch this video about Jesus Film Project.