Women and Children

Women worldwide can have great influence due to their spiritual openness, their social networks and their mothering roles. Reaching women and children is a tremendous strategy both globally and locally.


Millions of women and children have never heard one word of the gospel. As women around the world see the love and acceptance of Christ and the value that He places on them, millions will embrace Him as Savior and Lord and then they’ll pass it on.


In nations closed to the gospel, embracing Christ can bring great risk. Women may lack basic education and couldn’t read Bibles if they had them. They are isolated with little opportunity to learn and grow in their faith. Magdalena was created to share the love of Jesus with these women. To understand the heart behind this movie, please view this video.

Likewise, the more than 2 billion children of the world are another largely ignored people group who can become agents of change to their families and their world. Studies have shown that children aged four to fourteen are the most receptive to every form of spiritual and developmental input; God is calling us to respond to their strategic importance.


In light of current world tensions, there is an unprecedented need for American Christians to meet, befriend and connect with those from other nations who now live within our borders. Many who come here have never developed a meaningful relationship with an American who truly loves and follows Christ. Most have never heard of the peace and love that come through knowing Jesus. Watch this story to see how you can use the power of the gospel in the heart language to help reach multiple generations right here in the United States.

The Gospel Through Film