Why Film?

Film is the most powerful medium for the most powerful story.

When people come face to face with Jesus—when they see him smile, when they hear Him speak in their own language, in their own accent—they are forever changed. We believe that movies offer the most dynamic way to hear and see the greatest story ever lived. Films touch the heart and break barriers.

“When people see it and hear (about Jesus) firsthand in their heart language, right away they get it! Right away the light goes on! Right away the Holy Spirit starts to move and work in their lives!” Jeff Timblin, ministry partner


Magdalena is the true story of Jesus told by Mary Magdalene. Women of every time and culture have shared common needs, concerns, hopes and fears—as well as the unfortunate reality of being devalued. This film portrays, in stunning contrast to the dominant culture of His day, how Jesus valued women. In this film, Mary Magdalene tells the story of Jesus’ love and compassion as a result of the personal life transformation she experienced through His grace and forgiveness. His message of hope is something women around the world need to hear.

“As Mary Magdalene tells the story of Jesus, you are right there in the experiences, holding your breath, following the plot, and anticipating a great end. This is life-changing and life-enhancing.” Thelma Wells

Enjoy the heart touching music video, "This is Freedom," with scenes from Magdalena, by recording artist Karyn Williams. Song available for download on iTunes.

The Story of Jesus for Children, A Family Film

The Story of Jesus for Children provides a visual and engaging way to teach children the truth about God and His Son Jesus. This 62-minute film tells about Jesus through the eyes of six children as they observed Jesus’ life and ministry in their village. The film answers questions through the story that’s told and ends with an invitation to begin a relationship with Christ. With its charm and simplicity, The Story of Jesus for Children is something to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

“I have seen this movie 31 times and it is the children’s interactions and discussion that make it so captivating. Whoever thought of doing the movie this way was brilliant…it is so much more interesting for everyone, including adults!” worker from confidential country


Rivka draws on the power of “story” to teach women that there is a loving God who wants to sustain them with His strength and give them hope for the future. As a character in the film Magdalena, Rivka chose to follow Jesus in response to hearing Magdalena’s story about His life, death and resurrection. Twenty-five years later, Rivka is portrayed in this 12-episode series as a woman who has grown in her faith and now teaches others to follow Jesus in all circumstances. The Rivka series is especially engaging for audiences who may be unable to read and study the Bible for themselves as it portrays biblical principles being applied in the midst of real-life struggles. Episode List

"This study is so wonderful! The people in the film series go through the same kinds of experiences that we go through in our lives and watching the episodes makes each lesson so real and practical." anonymous study participant

Reflections of Hope Bible Study

Lesson 2 Video

Women today need to discover the value that God placed in each one of them. Reflections of Hope, an eight-lesson Bible study, is helping women find their value by going deeper into God’s Word with topics such as love, forgiveness, sin, obedience, God’s provision, healing and more. Lesson List As women deepen their understanding of Jesus’ love and care for them, they learn of His promise to be with them each step of life’s journey.

“We identify so well with the stories of real people, and these studies take us into the lives of the women Jesus encountered and loved and valued. Through them we receive that same love and value from Jesus - what a privilege!” Judy Douglass

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