GIVE TOGETHER with a purpose.

Your voice can make a difference. By mobilizing like-minded people who care about others and spreading the gospel of Jesus, you can harness the power of collective giving. Through email or social media you can launch a simple giving campaign, like the ones listed below, in your circles of influence for a project of your choice.


BIRTHDAYS – Forgo your gifts and ask others to invest in the lives of women and children.
YARD SALE – Organize a neighborhood yard sale. Use the profits to give the gospel.
HOLIDAYS – Share a special opportunity in conjunction with a holiday.
SPORTS – Organize a walk/run. Participants get sponsors who give toward a need.
SPECIAL OCCASIONS – Make milestones even more special by asking for special gifts given to the project of your choice.

Giving together is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. READ about the Women for JESUS projects and choose the one that inspires you to share with others.
  2. CLICK the Involve Others button on the project page and invite your friends and family to join you by emailing or posting on Facebook. (NOTE: You may want to include a personal note before sending.)
  3. PRINT/MAIL theĀ contribution form with any donations you have received and PRAY for God to use your efforts to GIVE JESUS to the world.

Thank you for your desire to invite others to join you in providing women and children with the gospel in their heart language.