Get Together with a purpose.

Get together with your friends, family or co-workers to raise money for a compassion project or new film translation. Throughout history, women have joined together through sewing circles, quilting bees or bake sales for purposeful, heartfelt giving. Today this concept is still both simple and powerful—groups meeting once or regularly to build relationships, have fun, and most importantly, combine their money to make a bigger impact than individuals could alone.

Women for JESUS Giving Circles invite women to enjoy personal connections while learning about international needs within The JESUS Film Project®. Strengthen your relationships with others while accomplishing immeasurable good for the cause of Christ. As we determine to reach women, children and families, we need your partnership now more than ever. For more information about how to start your giving circle, email us at


Hosting a gathering is easy:

  1. Determine when/where to gather and who to invite.
  2. Make it easy by sharing the responsibility for food with others. Ideas—a potluck breakfast, lunch or dinner; a simple coffee and dessert.
  3. Gather resources from the website, including information on the project you will highlight and videos you will use. Video List.
  4. Fellowship with your guests.
  5. Present a simple program of information and prayer. Sample Program.
  6. Collect contributions from those who feel led to give and mail with a contribution form.
  7. Schedule another meeting if your group would like to gather again.

“You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” John Bunyan (1628-88), English Puritan writer and preacher