Hatred to Hunger – Middle East

Ahmed* caught sight of the child out of the corner of his eye. Standing in the hallway outside the room, the young boy tentatively peeked through the doorway. Ahmed warmly invited the boy into the room to join the other children for the showing of The Story of Jesus for Children. Sitting through the entire… Read More

Two Bridgets

Bridget K. and Bridget T. live in the same Eastern European city. They each attended the 2005 CrossRoads Teacher Training in their city and began right away to use the program in their separate high schools. Both saw amazing results as they took their classes through the 30-lesson biblically-based “Life at the CrossRoads” curriculum. Every… Read More

Teachers Use DVDs To Reach Remote Villages

 After participating in Samaritan’s Purse’s “Operation Christmas Child,” a woman in the U.S. named Patricia wrote: “Those boxes went to [a South Asian country]. Several … were received by kids in a remote village where [Jonathan] teaches kids about Jesus, the Bible, etc.  He wrote to thank me for the shoeboxes and asked if I could… Read More

Damp Evening Produces Exciting Results

Everything turned upside down during the premiere/first use of “The Story of Jesus for Children” for Mayan speakers in Xcan, Mexico. After the team set up the equipment in the center of town, rainy skies began to dampen the evening. They moved everything beneath the cover of the arches of the municipal building, and 340… Read More