Heart of Stone

Alisa† shared: “I watched the Magdalena film, repented and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Then I joined a discipleship group with the seven follow-up lessons after the film called Reflections of Hope. I used to have a blind heart made of stone. During the lesson I began to understand that the Lord was… Read More

A Family Affair

  Fatima,† a member of a Reflections of Hope small group, desired to share Magdalena with her friends, a family of four. Invited to their home, she planned to show them the Magdalena DVD she brought with her, but God already had orchestrated events. When the father turned on the TV, his favorite channel—a satellite channel… Read More

Why Doesn’t He Call?

Liling, a new believer, wondered why her husband never responded to her phone calls or messages, even though he had been working away from home for more than a month. She shared her concern with Chun, a mature Christian friend. Chun asked some probing questions about how Liling treated her husband when he was home…. Read More

A Remarkable Thing Happened!

Although it was a Christian high school where the staff members followed Jesus, a large number of the all-girl student body were not believers. Local ministry workers helped the school’s staff organize a showing of the film Magdalena and 750 students and 20 teachers poured into the auditorium. And a remarkable thing happened—by the end of the… Read More