Himalayan Witch Doctor – June 2017

On a recent mission trip to Nepal with Jesus Film Project®, Dana and her team had been hiking footpaths between villages in the Himalayan Mountains for an hour. They were looking for people to tell about Jesus. Soon the team came upon a woman crouching on the porch in front of her small house. Using… Read More


A Neighborhood Transformed – May 2017

“We stopped holding meetings in our home for a while,” shared a believer in Argentina. “When we started meetings again, we showed “Magdalena,” and everyone loved it! Every week, new people from the neighborhood came, and many of these started to go to church. Some are doing discipleship classes. Two entire families gave their lives… Read More


A New Beginning for Mayans – April 2017

While some predicted the world would end according to the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012, no one could predict the enthusiastic response of the Mayan people to the gospel months later. An American group of Jesus Film Project™ ministry partners traveled to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula to premiere showings of Magdalena in Mayan, the people’s… Read More


Shattering the Cement God – March 2017

A cement pillar stands in an unreached village in India. This pillar represents the god of the local people—the deity they believe is the one, true god. A church-planting team traveled to this village to show The Story of Jesus for Children. Abhay,† his wife and brother—followers of the local religion—attended the show. For the… Read More


“My husband had left me with two kids. Life became hard, and I started to drink and to sink down,” Sonia remarked. Invited by a friend to attend a Magdalena showing, Sonia understood her need for Christ, but she struggled to believe God could help her. Then her friend invited her to watch the Rivka… Read More


Indifference Turns to Passion

Oxana stood apart from the others, arms crossed, cigarette in hand. Everything in her body language said, “Leave me alone.” She had reluctantly come to the picnic in the woods that afternoon with other non-Christians after some Jesus Film® workers invited them. One staff member took the initiative to talk with Oxana about Jesus, and she… Read More