Sailing Through Life

    by Elizabeth Schenkel When I was a growing up, my family used spend two weeks every summer at a cottage on a lake in Northern Michigan. My mother had grown up there and my grandparents lived in the “big house” in a small town close to the cottage. At that cottage I learned… Read More


Wise Men

      by Elizabeth Schenkel I’ve been thinking about those Wise Men this Advent. Their trip to Bethlehem was probably not looked upon as “wise” at the time.   It’s not as though they could call Delta Airlines and make reservations for a flight from, say, Samarkand to Jerusalem for December the 24th. This… Read More



    by Elizabeth Schenkel “Master! Master! Jesus! We’re about to die. The waves are swamping us!” When my kids were little, we had a book from the Netherlands called Jesus Stills the Storm. It was a family favorite, a simple picture book telling the story of Jesus and the disciples and the storm. Like… Read More


Weeping With Those Who Weep

      by Elizabeth Schenkel Along with everyone who owns a television, I was shocked to see images of Houston, Texas, under water. Just days before, Hurricane Harvey had been a tropical storm that was expected to barely strengthen into a hurricane before it hit the Texas coast.  Instead, it wreaked unprecedented damage to… Read More


Somebody Else’s Life, Part 2

      by Elizabeth Schenkel “Jane” examined me closely and then asked, “What if they only came to rob you and not because of your preaching … does it still count?” Whaaaat? It’s amazing what comes out of people when someone is suffering!   Jane said this to me at our kids’ school in… Read More


Somebody Else’s Life

        by Elizabeth Schenkel I stood in front of the sink filled with dirty dishes. Again. How many dishes have I washed in my lifetime? A lot. My mom says she enjoys washing dishes but I don’t believe her. And the very familiarity of the task somehow drove home my loneliness. I… Read More


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